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Remus Lupin at James and Lily Potter’s wedding

Remus Lupin carrying a young Teddy, Circa 1983 


Teddy Tonks and Sirius Black, circa 1977.

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Yeah, alright, I hate whoever took this photo….

It was me 

Remus John Lupin I will end you

I’M KIDDING. It was James. Possibly Peter


from: http://jagfinnsinte.tumblr.com/

Yeah, alright, I hate whoever took this photo….

It was me 


Remus Lupin and Sirius Black tombstoning on a hot summer’s day.

“There is no better way to spend your summer than to spend it diving into cool water on a hot day with your best mates.”

“You’re such an adrenaline junkie, Sirius.”

“No if I was an adrenaline junkie I would dive into the water like this!”

“Show off.”

Taken by a charmed camera, 1976.



Regulus looks off over the grounds, still cataloging the other boy’s movements but only out of the corner of his eye. “Besides, I like flying. I love it, actually.” It was the only thing that could take his mind off of anything… except for Severus. When he was younger he used to fool himself into thinking he could just fly away from everything if he ever wanted to. Now he knows he can’t, but sometimes up in the air, it still feels like he could if he tried. “Our next match is in a month or so against Hufflepuff, but I think the next game is Ravenclaw and Gryffindor in a week or two.”

He nods understandingly at Remus’ explanation; it’s more or less what he was thinking when he decided to wander the grounds himself despite the rain. “Yes, I like it outside. It’s calming.” He shrugs. Unfortunately for him, sometimes it was too calming or else he would study outside more, especially with how much of his time studying was sucking up. He glances at Remus when he speaks, then swallows before looking down at his lap. “I’m…” He sighs, trying to think. “I’m not fine, but I’m getting better at not thinking about it.” It was true enough. He could compartmentalize things so that even he forgot they were there if he ignored them well enough, and in cases like this that could be a good thing. It helped him carry on with what he needed to worry about. “I talked to him in the Hospital Wing.”

Remus shrugs “Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. I’ll be skipping that one. Friends or Fiancee. Not fun” He says, with a slight smile. He pulls a book out of his robes and turns it over in his hands, playing with the worn pages. 

"Outside is… Open. No walls. I like that. You can see forever, in some places. It’s lovely." Remus states, looking over at Reg. "It’ll be okay, in the end." He says, ruffling the boys hair, "Yeah? He’s alright then?" Remus had gone in to see Sev earlier, but he had been sleeping. He watches a bird flies through the gray sky, "Do you ever wander how muggles do it?" He asks after a moment, changing the topic.

Teddy Tonks and some of his offspring.